Dear Katie Couric,

Thank you for catching me completely off guard by walking up five feet behind my in the student commons yesterday as I was getting coffee. Also, thanks for making my life by introducing yourself to your personal tour guide (your daughter is clearly a prospective student) as "Hi. I'm Katie!" (with a cheery smile).

My apologies for trailing 50 ft behind you on campus for a good ten minutes just to see where you went and point out to fellow students "You see that lady in the white pants up ahead? That's Katie Fucking Couric!".


P.S. A special thanks to boyfriend's iphone who was made it possible to take this inconspicuous picture (it turned out much better than the one he took of Kevin Costner's foot at Pancake Pantry).


LaDiva said...

I wish my bf had an iphone...

Anonymous said...


but personally, i think you should have humped her leg instead of taking a picture. just sayin...