Dear London Bus Driver,

I'm not sure if you were tired, or just cranky, or maybe just really protective of your bus, but in any case sorry for making you so angry on Saturday night that you pulled to the side of the road, came on the loudspeaker and announced "Either shut up or get off my bus! Your choice." I mean sure there were about a dozen of us, and sure americans/ australians aren't really known for their meekness, but we were upstairs, so we'd already segregated ourselves from the two or three normal people on sitting downstairs. Maybe it was my drunk friend screaming "Nazi! Nazi! at her German boyfriend that pushed you over the edge, who knows. Certainly wasn't the strangest thing I'd ever seen on a London bus. Or the most offensive. Or the loudest for that matter. In any case, hope your night improved!

Loud Obnoxious American,

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