Dear Nerdy Girl Who Lives Above Me,

If you would kindly stop playing:

a.) classical music every Saturday morning.
b.) your GODDAMN VIOLA AT 2 a.m.
c.) "More Than This" by Roxy Music (circa 1982) on FUCKING REPEAT... do you KNOW any other songs in English?!?! Jesus Christ.

That would be awesome.

Listening to your instrumental selection as I type 11:59 p.m.,

you just restarted the last song you've been listening to for the fourth time. i want to punch you in the tit.


Milazz said...

Umm in OT at elon i had a girl above me who would start jumping jacks at 6:30 am...honest to god going for hours...every day/weekend. At first i thought she was humping until i confronted her. The entire apartment would shake. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

- Jon in Denver

A said...

story of my life. that cheesy beat is the worst part.

Anonymous said...

Lost in Translation, or More than This? Or both?


A said...

More Than This. Duh.