Dear Cute New Boy,

So, it's been fun flirting with you over the past few weeks, and even more fun watching you get up the nerve to call me and ask me out. However, you can imagine my surprise when I found myself on a date with Teen Wolf. Faded tapered jeans, sneakers, Michael J Fox sweater (with a HOLE), and a baseball cap?? You are so lucky I already have a crush on you, because this whole well-dressed-girl-with-shy-unfashionable-boy thing is just too 80s movie for me.

Hoping you have a giant peen and a secret wardrobe of collared shirts,


Anonymous said...

I had to teach my boy how to dress, but it's well worth it if he's a good guy (with a giant peen).

Anonymous said...

Shopping for boy clothes is almost as much fun as dressing Barbie. :)

ladiva said...

bahaha teen wolf