Dear Friday,

You are in rare form today, my friend! It is unbelievably sunny and gorgeous out, I decided to make it 'casual friday' even though my office doesn't technically abide by any dress down policies...(and when I say 'casual' I'm talking, like, Wear Your Uggs to Work Day), probably 60% of the office is out on vacay, there's no meetings scheduled, and my boss is in an extraordinarily chipper mood, Massie came to meet me for a nice long lunch outside in the sun, I've been reading up on bracketology for the past hour, uninterrupted, I just found out that we get a surprise early release day, and the mail came early so I can now peace out for an extended weekend! Talk about GOOD Friday!
(I know, I'm sooo witty!!)



cf said...

p.s. and i just got PAID, bitchess


Anonymous said...

:( Dear Dear Life,

Please update soon! I'm going through withdrawals!