dear hockey boy,

let me get one thing straight here: ALL I am looking for is someone fun to make out with. it does NOT have to be this complicated... seriously. we've already gone out in the past (way distant past) and have already been friends after that. there's no need for this "hard to get" behavior. 1) it's annoying in a guy and 2) i'm not actually trying to "get" you. accept this for what it is, drinking, hanging out, and making out and stop with all the games.

i am willing to be your f-buddy with no strings attached. you should hurry up and get THAT before i find another hot boy to play with.

maybe it's time to meet the rest of the team,

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Anonymous said...

yeah ... why do guys feel the need to play games? that really isn't their place. don't they realize WE are the catch? not them? :)