Dear St. Patty's weekend,
Now that you and I are a few days removed, I think we can debrief.

Things gained from our Saturday-Monday bender:

1. fake flower lei that I had to kiss a bartender to acquire.
2. guinness t-shirt from a guy who thought he was coming home with me.
3. green rolling rock wrist sweatband (wtf? sweatband, really?) from guy (#2's friend) who actually did come home with me.

Things not gained:

1. dignity.

Incidentally, I had to sneakily check guy from #3's wallet for a driver's license while he used my bathroom so I could remember his name, which he actually may have never told me (refer to #1 under "things not gained").

Whatevs - look at all the free stuff I got!

See ya next year,

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