Dear guys who get turned off by menstruation:

Here’s something to think about…

1.) It is true that most gay men find female biology icky…
2.) and; you’re getting blown by your bunny, but;
3.) the memory of a recent encounter with a natural female process is too unpleasant for you to enjoy said hummer, then;
4.) perhaps you might be happier dating dudes.

Seriously…stop pretending to dig chicks and then going and giving them complexes about something that is not a big deal. Shit! Getting to meet auntie flo means you’re IN, dude! Effing GO with it! If SHE’S not too weirded out to do the microphone check, do NOT cut power to the speakers!

If you are lost in the desert and somebody offers you water, do you say…hmm…this water should have more ice? Fuck no you don’t! You slam it and say, can I have some more? WOMEN choose US, you assholes…we are the demand side of the equation. Appreciate it, like it, and be happy you ain’t self-servicing.

Unless you don’t like water…

Find her seven and get to work or get out the way for somebody who will.

Shocked by disbelief


Anonymous said...

i do have to agree with you, dude. my boyfriend may not like tampons, but he NEVER complains about having sex just because of a little blood.


Anonymous said...

Dear Men:

A woman's period means you successfully managed to avoid getting her pregnant. You should be HAPPY to see it and even buy her the damn tampons.