Dear Boyfriend,

I'm sorry that we got a surprise visit from Aunt Flo last night when we were hooking up, but you played it so cool and were so sweet about it. I almost believed you until I started blowing you to which you interrupted me to say "This just isn't going to happen for me tonight. Honestly, I'm still kind of grossed out".

I'm glad my menstruation was such a boner-kill despite my attempts to still remain calm, collected, and sexy.

Kill me.

P For Period,
Aunt Flo's Ashamed Niece


Anonymous said...

Ahh this has happened to me too
Sux huh?

CF said...

Fuckin' Eve...what a biatch.

Anonymous said...

weird... period sex is great, just get in the shower together and tell him to man up. nothing to be ashamed about.