Dear Gay Bestfriend,

I love you to death and always will, i think i have loved you more since you came out of the closet but if you had have been within a metre of me this past week i would have stabbed you in the eye with a pen.

I always knew you had an interest in only materialistic things but FUCK you have taken it to another level. 2 months ago you were the one that suggested it to me that we move in together, I wasnt so sure about it but because i love you and were bff's i thought i could trust, but i couldnt have been more wrong. After shopping for apt's with you for a while (which has been complete hell) you decide that you are going to wait 6 months and buy your own place. Nice way to fuck me over. You are so pathetic that you wont look at a place because the "building is too ugly" and that you wouldnt want to have your friends over because they wouldnt like an ugly building, well your friends can go and get fucked. You have told me on numerous occasions about how all your rich friends are offering you a room in their apt, so this just tells me that you dont want to live with me because you dont want your friends to know that you have a friend ME that doesnt earn as much money as them, that doesnt drive a fucking BMW like them, that my dad doesnt go to live in dubai for 6 months every year, that i dont wear gucci underwear, and im sure they all think their shit dont stink, well bitches MINE DOES DEAL WITH IT!

So you and all your superficial friends can go live in your superficial world and go to all those fabulous superficial parties, which you dont even get a direct invitation too anyway, and have a great superficial life

p.s when i get my own apt you can think twice about ever staying over, or even visiting.


Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously...

does "gay" automatically equal "rich"? or is it an implied status once you come out of the closet and it's official? as in, "you're too poor to be gay"/"you're too rich (and handsome) NOT to be gay"-type of thing.

hmm, just trying to make the correlation...


ML said...

i know at least one poor gay man who pays for himself to go to college. no rich parents. nothing like that. on top of it, he's the most giving and thoughtless person ever. so he pays for you if he can, and ...yeah. so they aren't ALL like that. but the nice ones sure are one in a million.