Dear Doctors in the E.R.,

Thank you for making me forget about the excruciating pain I would otherwise be feeling by giving me oxycontin, morphine, and loratab. However, I do not appreciate you releasing me with a "muscle strain" despite the fact that (a) that's impossible since I haven't done any physical activity other than sack sessions in months and (b)I'm fairly certain my pain is coming from an internal organ which you were unable to identify.

Hoping I don't die of a mysterious disease because you couldn't figure me out,

P.S. Last time I checked, a muscle "strain" doesn't cause you to get progressively worse over 4 days or need 3 Hydracodons just to get through the night.


LaDiva said...

damn! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a hernia. ...probably not, though.


Anonymous said...

hey, don't die or i'll kill you myself.

p.s. get well soon.


nathan harris said...

OxyContin for a muscle strain? What was the doctor thinking? I hope you are better.