Dear 50 something Receptionist At The Doctor's Office,

While I appreciated you asking me what I did in school and then telling me repeatedly you were proud of me (???), it was slightly awkward when you kept bringing up that "the world needed more people like me". Actually it doesn't. I know that superficially it looks like what I do is more noble than making appointments behind a desk all day long, but that doesn't mean I'm not a 23 year old selfish bastard who is completely immature, irresponsible, and inappropriate. You know what else is inappropriate? When a 50 year old keeps saying 'cool beans'. Note that. Yes, your pleasant demeanor was preferable, but don't expect me to be Susie Sunshine when you have just informed me that I need to make an appointment to get this bump on my vagina surgically removed WHILE awake, naked, and fully conscious of the sights and sounds accompanying incisions being made on my beloved woman parts. Just mark me on the calendar and stop talking.

And you telling me I'm pretty doesn't make anything better.


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