Dear Pedestrians Who Insist On Crossing the Street Against the Light…

Yeah - you know who you are… you cross against the light because you saw the special on the news about the laws regarding crosswalks… what that special failed to notify you of was that, when there's a crosswalk SIGNAL, it takes the place of an OFFICER, who is telling you to STOP and NOT CROSS - yeah jackass, I READ the damn law…. As if this weren't bad enough, THEN you decide to cross like you've got a damn load in your pants and are meandering through there hoping nothing eeks out the side of your tighty whiteys. So my hailings to you (which finger I hail with is my perogative) as I drop 400 miles off my tires stopping short for your sorry ass while you look at me in disdain thinking you own the fuc&ing street (yet I'm the guy who pays the taxes you renting SOB) and take your sweet time getting to the other side… I SHOULD HAVE HIT YOU OUT OF FRIGGIN PRINCIPLE… but I just washed my truck, and I'm too pretty for jail time. A$$HOLE!

Yours truly,
The guy swearing at you driving the bigass Ford Pickup that almost (and should have) killed you. ~J

P.S. DISCLAIMER: No, not all renters are SOB's - just this jackass. :)

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