Dear Self,

I am so, SO proud of you for Saturday night, which is a refreshing thing to be able to say. In just one night, you:
-abstained from getting shitfaced until AFTER you could fend off Coworker #2's drunken pleas for sex
-told that boy OFF and did not kiss him even one time, shielding your face and yelling when necessary.
-kept your cool and didn't tell your bff how slutty you thought she was being by hooking up with Coworker #1. (Which would have been totally hypocritical anyways, and we both like it so much better when you guys are on good terms.)
-managed to drink an entire can of something called a Steely(?) without vomiting, although I'm pretty sure you yelled "I THINK SOMEONE JUST PISSED IN MY MOOOOOOOUTHHHH"
-made an effort to hook up with an attractive male with whom you do NOT work
-which, of course, succeeded because you looked sexy as hell
-and resulted in the best night in a loooooong time.. yeesh.

And when he asked you in the morning if you liked him, you told the truth and said yes, even though all the groundrules of one-night-stands told you not to, which I am still 90% sure was a good answer.

Congratulations! You've come a long way from the puking, disgruntled little skank you were a few weekends ago.

My Little Girl Is Growing Up,

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