Dear Libido,

This is getting a little sad and ridiculous now. It was perfectly understandable that you would take a hiatus after the emotional wreckage that we went through in the last 2 months, but... well, its time for you to return. Yes, yes, I understand how hard it was going through the breakup, how sad we felt and hopeless that we'd never be in love again, I was there remember? But.. well, we've gotta move on, don't we? Please, just consider returning from wherever the hell you went. I used to think about sex all day long and get horny when I looked at hot men, but now I'm like a walking zombie. When I try to think about sex now, I just feel empty and cold inside. I have to FORCE myself to masturbate. This isn't right. I'm far too young to be giving up already. Please, for the love of all that is hot and sexy in this world, come back so I can be a normal, twenty something woman and bang hot men while I am still hot enough to get them.

Yearning for your return,

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