Dear Women at Dowd YMCA,

I get that we are all working with the same shit here. I got what you got. I get it. However, I find it off putting how many of you unabashedly walk around the women's health center in the nude. I quick jaunt from the shower, sure. Need to change into a baithing suit? Allowable. I am not unreasonable and have not been thought of as modest since I was 5. On the other hand, the steam shower, sauna, and hot tub are public places not to be used in your birthday suit. Put on a swimsuit or get out. I'm uncomfortable.


PS: To the giant Eskimo woman- what do you do at the Y anyway? I don't think exercise is in your vocab. All I wanted to do after my swim today was dip in the hot tub for .5. As I rounded the corner and witnessed your rotund floating breasts among the bubbles, accompanied with your "O" face, I turned beet red and immediately started walking in the other direction. Your behavior is not normal and completely shocking to me. Why is everyone else walking past you as if this is socially acceptable?

PPS: I think I almost walked in on a middle aged African American woman masturbating in the sauna yesterday. I hope it's cleaned daily.

PPPS: Does anyone think this shit is normal?!? Every other women in my gym seems not to notice! HELLO THERE IS A GIANT ESKIMO WOMAN WITH NO CLOTHES ON STANDING BESIDE YOU!

PPPPS: I live in a nice, yuppie area of town filled with young, hot people and my gym is crawling with them. Where is it that all of these strange naked ladies come from??

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