Dear Black Work Heels,

You are all falling apart at an alarming rate. I have two different pairs of you, one close-toed Brand One, and one open-toed Brand Two, both cute in different ways, both versatile enough to take me from the office to the bar. Unfortunately, the heels themselves are wearing down to the point where the nails are exposed, and your inside lining is pulling up. This is unacceptable, as you were both too expensive to justify throwing away after only one year. Sure, I have worn the open-toed pair approximately eight thousand times in the last four months, and the pavement and brutal environment of office politics take their toll. Sure, the close-toed pair isn't that comfortable and I secretly relish an opportunity to ditch you and replace you. But my bank account protests, and on principle, so do I. The modern woman needs a sturdy, sexy heel that doesn't cost the same as a car, but you have both failed.

Don't make me resort to cheap Target knock-offs that I can toss every three months, I beg you.


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