Dear Asshole,

I’m sorry that your immaturity forbids you from acting even half your age, but that’s not really my problem. I’m also sorry that your life is so damn fucked up, but that’s really your fault (and also, not my problem). It would be an easy fix, but you are to determine to continuously make these poor decisions in a desperate attempt to fulfill your attention-whore ways…*cough* Britney *cough*. Regrettably, your defunct morals are the only way you do get noticed, since well, you suck at everything else.

However, my problem is the fact that all YOUR issues are STILL interfering with MY life, (even though we no longer associate). And, well, I am pretty sick of it, and you. So get over yourself. Its NOT that hard, I promise. Only took me two, maybe three minutes...okay?

Hope all is well (but not really),

p.s. You're not hot, lose the ego; the rest of us could really use the space.

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