Dear life,

Why is it that I am underwhelmed by perfectly good guys? I have a guy who is totally interested in me -- shows everyone in public that we are together, compliments me to no end, enjoys kissing me and even likes to argue politics. Did I mention he is way hot and thinks I'm adorable? But, why is it that I can't stop focusing on the one thing that he is not...he isn't funny. I consider myself a funny person, but don't want to be the only funny one in a relationship. My idea of a good date is nonstop laughing and I think I only giggled a few times last night.

Is there something wrong with me? Should I lower my standards? Is being funny important to only me?

Attempting to make myself laugh,

PS - when you kiss my ear and I giggle, that doesn't count as me laughing...i'm just tickelish


ML said...

sometimes sense of humor is the ONLY good thing to look for, dude. the love of my life is the funniest kid i've ever met. it's not important to everyone, but if it's important to you, then keep up those standards. it's worth it. because after the novelty of new relationship goes away, the greatest thing you can have is good conversation. and why would you want it to be boring?

Em said...

OMG fabulous advice! My mom and dad keep telling me that I am too picky and that being 'funny' is nothing in a relationship; I really need to hear that it is ok to focus on his funny level. However, I do think I will give him a second chance, just to make sure he wasn't nervous and that is why he wasn't funny.

D said...

I was in your shoes in October. My guy stayed hot, but never got funny. Think about it this way--would you rather your best girlfriends saying "he's super hot" or have them not be able to say anything because they're laughing too hard at his jokes? I broke it off when I realized I would much prefer the latter, and am waiting for that guy who makes me wet my pants. ( a positive way.)

A said...

The sexiest thing about my boyfriend is that he's hilarious. He SO funny (which only came out don't give up) that I doubt he even realizes how witty and charming I am because I'm too busy laughing at him. It's pretty amazing