Dear College Football Gameday,

I look forward to you all week long just to loathe you when I awake from my drunken stupor Sunday morning.

You keep scheduling noon games and that means I must start drinking, at the latest, 9AM, in order to be feeling pretty good by kick off. I then continue to pound over priced beers all through out the game, which I do not watch because the only way I can see is to shut one eye and squint really hard with the other.

After the game, I have no idea who won, it is time for drinking games on campus until I make the trek downtown to "go out for the night," as if I haven't been out all morning and afternoon. At this point there is no recollection of how I arrive downtown, or what happens after I get there.

I wake up, having no clue how I got home, praying I didn't drive, with a wicked hangover wondering what, or who I may have done.

Can't Wait to see you again next weekend!

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