Dear Self Control,

Where the hell did you go? You were a constant participant in my life last year (admittedly causing me to be one of the most boring people on the face of the earth) but at the beginning of this year you found somewhere better to hang out and quite frankly, I'm a little offended and more than a little screwed... literally. Without your voice of reason inside the anarchy that is my brain, I've gone from slightly desperate virgin to company mistress with a side of 20-year-old music major in just under two months.

Senior year is a bad time to be deserted by one of your most loyal companions. How will I ever finish my college applications instead of getting really drunk every weekend and making bad decisions involving coworkers if you don't come back? I'm sorry I made fun of your conservative tendencies and I hope we can work out a compromise.

Kind of enjoying myself a lot, though...

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Thought I'd leave you a comment. What an odd blog - and yet somehow something I feel I've seen a thousand times before.

Answer to your woes? It's nothing to do with self-control. You ARE self-controlled. You're self-controlling yourself to do what you find fun; duh.

If you really don't want to behave like this, then the key is to appreciate everything bad about it, not pine on its opportune positive qualities - because those can be had in many different places in much nicer ways.