Dear "Six Feet Under",

These past few weeks with you have been so wonderful, I'm sad that we only have one season left before you end. I'm looking at your 5 dvds now, waiting to be opened and watched by me, and I feel sad. It makes me think about how everything good always ends far too quickly. I'm gonna miss your creepy opening death scenes, the weird fantasies/flashbacks that every single character experiences, the extreme emotional vulnerability of the entire Fisher family, and the way everyone on this show just LOVES to get high. It makes me wanna step into the show and demand they pass the dutchie my way. You make me wanna live in a funeral home and have a gay brother and a hot Puerto Rican guy embalming dead bodies in the basement. I love you, I wish you'd been extended to more than 5 seasons. I'll miss you :(

Seeya in heaven,

P.S. You've also made me more aware of the whole funeral planning process, which is great because now I'll be prepared when the time comes. I want to be cremated. Thank you.

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