Dear Kayne West,

Man, it sucks BIGTIME that you lost out on five different nominations. I can totally understand your frustration/upset/meltdown. After all, can't anyone give a black man a chance?! I feel for you. It must be SO painful to be one of America's most famous people, have come up quicker than almost any other rapper in history, have people waiting on you hand an foot and NOT get a moonman. I mean, if I were you...I wouldn't be thankful for ANYTHING if I didn't get that piece of plastic and MORE recognition for being amazing. Sometimes I don't even know how you go on living, you have it so rough.

Actually, I'm so sad for you right now, I think I'm going to take up the violin and compose you a bittersweet concerto. My heart bleeds for your vanity and multi-millions and the 13 people in your entourage that you probably force to treat you like Jesus.

Loving Your Drama,

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