Dear Assorted Things,

Legs.. why are you in so much pain? These muscle pains are out of control. And, you know what's just great? I have 20 Vicodin.. THAT DOESN'T AFFECT ME. What kind of freak of nature isn't affected by Vicodin? Oh yeah, ME. Stupid. I need some morphine!

And dear ex boyfriend that I saw yesterday.. Um, how many girls can you possibly hang out with at a time? There was like 7. AND BY THE WAY, you have bad taste in females, minus me, cause I rule, but come on. You're decently attractive. Find a winner, or date me again, damnit. And also, I'm really fucking upset that I drunk-myspace commented you. Why do you affect me more when I'm drunk? Like, I don't even think about Stupid Boy I'm in Love With anymore. It's always YOU. Bah. Oh and, bee tee dubble yew, again, that really enthusiastic, sarcastic "Hey guys!" yesterday was obnoxious. Super, super obnoxious. It makes me cringe everytime I hear it in my head. Douchebag.

And dear boy I met yesterday, I would like to hang out with you again. You're a babe. We should spoon. Or something... Hahaha.

I'm gonna nap now,

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