Dear New Office Crush,

I just wanted to say I really enjoy our witty banter and semi-inappropriate flirting. It's fun and you are the most normal/cool person in this sea of middle-aged workaholic finance geeks. You used to have long hair and travel the world, and that's pretty sweet. Plus you are uber unattainable and I know you aren't even a skeezeball -- that's a great wife+kid+dog combo you got going for you. This only adds to your appeal. I know we aren't even technically flirting really, and you are just nice and funny, but I will continue to cling to our little interactions because they light up my day a little bit. Plus, you balance out the ball of awkward energy that is "I Can't Take This" Co-Worker, who lurks by my desk and talks to me unrelentingly about things that make me want to VOM.

YOU Can Come Lurk By Me Anytime,

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