G: ok look at this next picture
A: ok
G: it defines the epitome of what i'm attracted to in a guy
G: and i dont know why
A: alright
G: bc i am a glutton for punishment

A: oh good christ
G: pahaha
A: are we serious?
A: he def has the manly man
A: hairy nips going on
G: yes i know
G: i'm pretty sure last night i told him i wanted to sit on his face
A: i just laughed out loud
G: and he had a hard on the whole time we were grinding
A: wheezed laughed
G: it was fucking hot
G: i was grabbing his hands and forcefully putting them all over my body
G: maybe he'll facebook me
A: hot
A: maybe he'll fuck you
A: even better
G: i wish
G: i can just tell he is really good in bed
A: yeah...i can tell by that beer gut and lazy boy look he's a stallion


LH said...

I'm pretty sure i dated him. G- are you picking up my sloppy seconds?

milazz said...

haha i just died a little

G said...

Jesus, seriously LH? It was a pretty sexually charged encounter we had. Don't tell him I posted his shit on DearLife. Pahaha.