Dear Boyfriend: The Real Reason I Don't Want to Hear About Your New Phone

I think I should probably tell you about my issue with 'the phone' in writing because I have yet to be able to vocalize it, and you don't seem to get it. Or feel that there is not a problem, in the least. However, now it is just becoming a trigger for me, and I want to poke you through the temple with the really 'good' chopsticks every time you discover something 'new' about the phone so here goes:

We had a discussion a week ago about 'birthday's', and how you were so broke from not working for three months (due to the strike) and were wanting to catch up on your bills and such. I agreed and said we would do something in Mexico for both of our birthdays. You then called in sick for what I think was the 3rd time since you had been back to work in a period of a month (remember I have been working at least 12 hours a day with my new job since September, and am really, entirely, beat and really, really not into hearing you complain about your boring little job where you a) don't have to think and b) don't have to prove yourself a billion times a day), and then came home with a new $500 phone which you tell me you have put on your credit card. True, you needed a new phone. And I wouldn't have a problem with it, except that you seem to have a) totally forgot about my birthday and b) have not been able to stop talking about the phone since and c) have not made any attempt to pay back the money you have owed me since before the strike. Yet you have always had booze, drugs, a good time out, etc. (Oh, and earlier last week after I got home late (again) from work and you didn't feel like cooking and ordered a pizza and didn't want to 'put it on your credit card'….)

Honestly, I woke up on my birthday feeling rather annoyed, and the more I thought of it, the more annoyed I became. And the fact that I didn't even receive so much as a card, flowers, whatever, was a bit off-putting, not to mention embarrassing when people at the party asked about it. I don't know, but it just seems that I don't figure in the big picture. It was embarrassing to a point on Saturday when I had to take my head out of the oven to go and answer the door because you were too busy showing off your phone to our various guests.

So, yeah, basically I feel pretty much not very important, and also do not wish to hear any more about 'the phone'. Like seriously. Ever.


RG said...

I KNOW! And it's not like it's an iPhone either. Sheesh.

PS: On your behalf, I asked him point blank "so, what did YOU get your girlfriend for her birthday?" and he made a trapped animal face and stammered that he was planning to buy you something in Mexico, so you must see to it that he does, and that his credit card actually bleeds from the transaction.

PPS: Did you like it when he was talking about the garden reno and how if that TV show comes to do it, they base it on a room in your house, and I said "why don't they base it on your phone?" I have so got your back, girl.

(And I love that I knew who submitted this by the title alone!)

Anonymous said...

sounds as though this mooching ass hole needs to hit the road?

i empathize...

MsD said...

Hee hee hee...i was waaay into the vodka's when I wrote this. Thank god it makes some kind of sense. And yes, snide comments, noted and appreciated! :)