Hi all,

I'm back home after spending the last week plus in sub zero temperatures in a place that sees the Northern Lights 240 nights per year. I missed the lights because I was trying to stay warm in that god forsaken place. I've lived in the DC area and visited the Burgh area during winter. But where I've been makes those places feel like a heat wave during the dead of winter.

So it is nice to be back home! It is Thanksgiving, isn't it. I love this blog because we can all vent without fear of identity discovery. We can vent about our families, our boyfriends, our girlfriends, or our celibacy. And for the record, celibacy sucks! Sometimes life isn't very good to us, but we always should remember to be thankful.

Like A, I'm back at Mom and Dads. There is family health reasons and, quite frankly, they shouldn't be allowed to drive. I'm a bit older then most of the posters here. And as I like to joke about the dysfunctional family I belong to, I am very thankful for them. I know that a time will come when my folks will no longer be here ... so even though anything can happen at these family functions, I say bring it on!

I have so much to be thankful for ... family, friends, a job, and my health. Enjoy this day and be thankful! We could all be worse off. While we are enjoying , or trying to enjoy this day, remember those that could use a random act of kindness. It could even be someone in our family ... or even one of us.

Peace to all,

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