Dear Drunk Packing,

You'd think after multiple previous encounters with your repurcussions as well as a few angrily penned Dear Life entries from various other contributors that I'd have learned my lesson, but nooooooo. When will I learn that you are always a terrible idea?! I tried to pack for a weekend trip last night after happy hour, and woke up this morning burrowed halfway into a mountain of clothes that were strewn about my bed and NOT, in fact, in my suitcase where they were supposed to be. Thanks to you, Drunk Packing, I had to sacrifice my morning Starbucks run to cram handfuls of random articles of clothing into my suitcase before rushing off to work. It is not gonna be pretty when I unpack tonight in search of a cute Going Out-fit. Plus where I'm going this weekend it's like 10 degrees and snowy and I have a sinking feeling that in my drunken brain it was still early fall because I really wanted to wear that cute new dress I just bought and can't afford. UGH.

Gonna Have To Drink Til I Can't Feel the Weather,

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