Dear Italian Word of the Day Calendar,

Many times you have supplied me with amusing and, frankly, often useless phrases to take back with me to Italy, such as "Stasera, c'e' l'incontro di pugilato" -- or, "The boxing match is tonight," which I will never even say in English because boxing bores me to sweet, sweet tears. However, today your phrase of choice, "Ho troppa ciccia!" or "I have too much flab!" has rendered me near to real tears when coupled with the fact that yesterday I realized I'd gained five pounds in two days. When even you, Italian Word of the Day Calendar, are calling me fat, I feel like going to the nearest vat of chocolate and drowning myself. I know the obesity is kicking in, but come on. This is cruel. I won't even talk about the fact that it's a mere two days prior to Thanksgiving (binge-central), or that I'm generally having a blue day anyway. God.

What's Italian for "bulimia"?

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