Dear Friend Turned Landlord-

I really shouldn't have let you pawn me into renting the apartment in your house. First of all, i have not had heat for weeks. The average temperature has been hovering just above freezing DURING THE DAY. Thankfully the water pipes have not burst due to this. Secondly, i resent you for telling me that its ok to break my lease and move out and find something better for myself since there have been so many problems with this apartment (no tiling in the closets, sink was broken, heater is STILL broken) mainly because of the phone call you gave me this morning telling me i need to move out by December 7th because someone else wants to move in. Great. Thanks. I guess i should be scouring craigslist for a new place to live instead of bitching about you to the Dearlifers.

Praying someone will take me and my cat in for below 400 a month(utilities included to be optional)-


melancholyfleur said...

and how is it that he expects to move someone in when the apartment still looks like shit and the heater is still broken? he's such an asshole...

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. But whatev. I get to move (hopefully) to a more fabulous apartment (hopefully). With The Chairman. And possibly closer to you?

I hope i have carpeting.


p.s.: what do you think my odds are of marrying very rich between now and the 6th of December?