Dear Dave,

While we should have been impressed that your 2 best friends were Cory Lidle (R.I.P.)and Chris Moneymaker, that's probably not something you should feel the need to work into conversation within the first 5 minutes of meeting people. Or that the fact that you're "worth millions", yet readily admitted that you don't look like it.

And way to nonchalantly throw your keys to your hummer on our table.

And offer to put us up in the Lowes Plaza for the evening after buying our drinks all night.

And stop staring at Adrienne's tits. Or telling her you like her lip liner when she isn't wearing any.

Thanks for the drinks, bitch, but your were not fooling anyone by saying you were "just real". If you really were real, you wouldn't feel the need to say it.

A & Mo

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