Dear "Brad Dupont",

Why would you EVER think it is okay to contact me again after you made your friend call me randomly at 3am and leave me a ranting voicemail about how I am a bitch?! Hello - I don't even KNOW you. In my world, it is perfectly acceptable for a drunk girl to give out her number with no intention of ever seeing that person again, and guys should understand that if two people are both wasted to the point of not standing up on their own and talking at a bar for approximately 2 seconds, it makes sense if when they sober up they no longer think said conversation was necessarily the best idea and choose to pretend it never happened. But nooooo...instead, you passive aggressively enlist someone I've never even met to call me up and bitch me out via voicemail, and then you text me two weeks later to see if I'm going out tonight?

1) You are a big pussy, and
2) You are a big DB, so

YES I will be going out tonight, and NO it will not be with you.


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