Dear cj,

Thanks for having my back. That comment kinda hurt my feelings.


Dear Anonymous,

For your information, I'm not an ingrate, spoiled womanchild mooching off my parent's wealth. Nor a 24 year old lackadaisical slob.

a) I said "ALMOST 24". That means I'm 23.

b)I TEMPORARILY moved home for several reasons (none of which seem good enough now). They are as follows:
-I am currently enrolled in graduate school, therefore accruing ungodly amounts of student loans. No rent is a pretty appealing option when I think about the people going to be banging down my door the day I graduate looking for reimbursement. And for the next 20 years of my life.
-My old roommate got married( I was actually in her wedding party-i'm a likeable person) and I could not find another roommate who wasn't someone off of craigslist who i thought may bludgeon me in my sleep.
-I didn't want to live alone. I use human contact with others as a means to avoid work. I'm needy when it comes to socialization.
-My mother was extremely lonely (my dad works in another state during the week and my little brother just went to college) and was practically begging me to move home.

And I intend to move out very soon.

Thank You,

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