Dear L.O.A.L. (Letdown of a Lifetime),

Wow. Three amazing dates, straight out of some kind of sitcom. A movie even. Witty, cute text message banter daily, and lively phone convos that lacked awkward silence. One slip up on my part, and you’re gone. So you tried to kiss me and I turned my head. Big deal! I’m awkward! You make me nervous! Do you think the proper way to go about this is NEVER TALKING TO ME AGAIN? It’s been practically two weeks. You told my friend you thought I ‘wasn’t into you’ which is pretty funny because besides the head-whip, I was all about you. Obviously when you were younger you never learned the slogan, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ Is it that easy to give up on me?

Sad and Hating You,

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