Dear Macaroni & Cheese,

okay so listen ... I have NO idea what it is that makes me keep buying you and having strange cravings to eat you. Because there's that occasional time when I'm not necessarily in the mood to eat you but I don't feel like making anything else and you're there. That's when I realize just how disgusting you are. Something about wondering the whole time whether or not that packet of powdered cheese is actually cheddar cheese (and if so, how they made it powder) gives me the creeps. however, being poor and too lazy to cook leaves my extremely high standards at an all-time low, and therefore, I'm going to have to stop buying you. I will only buy you if I have a genuine craving (from God knows where) and you will no longer reside inside my extremely small cupboard. At least until I have kids; although I'm not sure how much I want to subject them to this current, awful but inevitable dilemma.

No hard feelings,

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