Dear Mom,

I was just rummaging around in the kitchen and stumbled upon a letter you just wrote in response to snide remarks made by the developer of your waterfront property. He accused you of being the group's "most vocal critic" and faulted you for not being in attendance at the last board meeting to bring up your concerns. Your response was "Your note sounded very unprofessional and condescending, and we refuse to engage at that level. We are mature owners and just want what we invested in to be how it was respresented upon purchase."

You concluded this memo with "I will be at the next meeting on Nov. 15th. I ask you to dismount your high horse before that time".

You're kind of a badass.


P.S. My brother and I hated the guy who sold you your condo. He was so full of shit he had it teeming out his eyes. I can't believe you tried to set me up with him.

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