Dear Motivation To Exercise,

Where did you go? I miss you so much, and so do my fastly-expanding thighs. You were still here a few weeks ago, even though my schedule became too crowded for the gym. Ok, that's not COMPLETELY true--there were a couple of hours that I spent watching TV every night that I could have been exercising, but damn a girl has to relax a little, right? Anyway, its the weekend now and I have 2 full, glorious days without any obligations, so how bout you come back just for a few hours so I can go to the gym and have a really good workout and feel better about the spare tire that is developing around my mid section? Listen, I know we never had a very good relationship, and you were always kind of trying to leave me, but I managed to hang on to you for months at a time, here and there, so why don't you just come back to me so we can try again. Hey if you come back, maybe I'll even get Self-Control to come back so I can stop stuffing my face with candy bars all day at work! Think of the good times the three of us had together, and how hot and thin I was. Its only been a few weeks--we can salvage this. Together.

You know where to find me, (on the couch with a fistful of chocolate),

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