Dear Current Job,

I guess I feel bad, but not nearly as bad as I should, about the fact that I pretty much blow you off at least once weekly. The only reason I keep going is because it pays just enough money to pay my ridiculous credit card bills. It doesn't REALLY matter, because it's work study, but I realize that this is a good preparation for the real world and what mundane office work will really be. Unfortunately, at this rate, my future doesn't look so bright. My motivation factor is in the negatives and if I don't HAVE to come in and make up the hours (if I'll make enough money to pay the bills that month), I'm not going to. Sad, really. I should be more motivated. And you know, on that note...

Dear Motivation,

WTF, dude. Seriously. You just up and left without any just cause or consideration for this midterm tomorrow afternoon. And the paper due Friday. And the program due Friday (though I realize that a midterm and a program for the same class in the same week is a big middle finger to the students, but dude that isn't my fault). I'm not sure what made you run. Maybe it's been the lack of fun lately. I went out Saturday night, though. And the sex has definitely stepped up a few notches since last month when I, for no good reason, became completely numb to the idea. (I had a talk with sex drive, don't worry.)

So come on... I promise to have more fun, if you promise to come back and cater to my ridiculous schedule for the next month. I swear it's over for a couple weeks after that. I swear.


p.s. Still a little bit worried about my ability to hold down a job in the future. Maybe we can work on that, too?

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