Dear Skol,

What would possess me to drink 9 shots of you last night? Holy fuck. Cause now I keep running back and forth into the bathroom like I'm gonna yack. And, I never do. But, I think it may be a good idea. You don't even give me a good drunk. You're an obnoxious, horny kind of drunk and that's neverrrrr good for me. And, WHY would I try to be cutesy, flirty with my ex last night? When he obviously has no interest at all. (Which I still don't understand, it makes no sense, don't like me for 5 solid months and totally be into me and cute and then one day become distant and then just stop being cute and nice and then not even be my friend! That's bullshit.) Ugh. I feel shitty. If I feel like this all day I'm gonna cry.

Stupid idiot girl who drank 9 shots of Skol, EW.

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