Dear Vicodin,

Why? Why do you not affect me at all? I mean, I took oxycodone and I fell in love. I took morphine and I was in Heaven. I take you, like 4 of you, and I feel nothing. Nothing! And, I'm pretty sure I puked 4 times in the morning because of you. I took 1 and a half during the afternoon, 1 around 4, snorted one around 6 and then 2 at around 2 am.. And, I didn't feel numb at all. Why do people like you so much? Honestly? I don't get it. Cause I don't. You'd think with a generic name of hydrocodone, you'd be lovely and similar to my body numbing baby oxycodone.. but NOPE. You suck. I think I am going to sell all these pills. Cause, you just suck.

Missing morphine,

P.S. When did I become a pill popper?

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