Dear Life Decisions,

I hate you so much. I am indecisive and wimpy, and having to make you stresses me out to the max. Even normal everyday choices are difficult for me. Picking out necklaces takes, like ten minutes on average... and shoes? Let's not even go there. So when faced with important decisions, I buckle under the pressure like a beer can against a frat boy's forehead. The thing is, I have spent the majority of my life trying to make OTHER people happy - so much so, that I don't even know how to recognize what I want anymore, and being forced to choose my own path is more than I can handle. Can't I just go back to kindergarten where my biggest dilemma was whether to draw a princess or a mermaid and mommy made all the important choices for me?

Flipping a Coin...For Everything,

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Shameless said...

You will make the right choice!
I beleive in you, rah rah rah!