Dear Craigslist,

Missed Connections, Casual Encounters, and the general Personals- you provide numerous sketchy avenues for lonely city singles to hook up. However, I would like to say thank you for your lesser known and slightly more legitimate outlet for meeting hot, young, professional Charlotteans- the real estate section. In my search for a townhome/condo, I have now toured the properties 3 very attractive, very available young male real estate moguels. It doesn't hurt that I get off on the fact that they are showing me what could potentially be my new bedroom I daydream about whether or not they will cut my rent in return for assorted sexual favors.

Once I secure a new home, I will undoubtedly continue to peruse the rentals section and set up appointments with the proprieters of various listings in hopes that I will keep meeting amazing men through this untapped resource.

Be my landlord,

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