Dear Northern Boys,

They always say that there's just something about those southern boys. Sure there's something to their wild, rusty, masculine, muscular, sweat dripping ways, but you've got an entirely too underappreciated and too often forgotten asshole charm to you. What is it about the way you say 'forget about it' that makes my pants drop? Your sexy accent and rude confidence turn me on, point blank. Your don't-give-a-shit attitude is appauling, but its fucking sexy and I want more. By just saying 'how you doin' you give skeeze a good name. There's something about your bad attitude that makes it ok for you to be an asshole. Southern boys act like they don't care and it hurts my feelings, but you do the same and I just want to ride you. Show me a good time with some badass sex. Throw me around, you fuggin animal. Southern charm my ass.

Monkey Bar me out of town,

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