Dear Heartache,

Can you please go away now? You came around last week, but I thought that you'd decided to leave. Can you please stop making me feel like i have a deli slicer in my stomach? I mean seriously, its like something sharp is just twirling around in there... and its definetely getting at my other organs. Like you know, my heart? That hurts pretty fucking bad, like its being squeezed and crushed by something really heavy. No one even invited you--in fact, I was actually trying to reach your distant cousin, Commitment. Yeah, I left this voicemail about how I wanted Commitment to come by and visit me and my boyfriend because he could really use a visit from her, but I guess you got the message instead. Well, I guess its ok because he didn't want Commitment around anyway. Listen, can you at least tell me how long you are planning to stay? While I appreciate the fact that I'm probably gonna get really skinny and hot because the mere idea of food makes me want to vomit up my intestines, I also do need nutrition and stuff. So.. you know.. oh and sleep, I need that too.

Fucking hell,

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