Dear Devin from Columbia Ultimate Frisbee Summer League White Team,

Just because your team was not good enough to make it to the championship game does not mean you have to whine about it on the message board. Your ‘knee injury’ happened three weeks ago and I have seen you play multiple times since then, including the stomp Blue team put on you last week. That is such a weak excuse to not play in the undercard match. I broke my wrist last year at a tournament and continued to play after I got back from the emergency room, which automatically makes me more of a badass than you. It might have helped validate your argument if you didn’t start the thread explaining that you would rather heckle the championship game than play for 3rd place and then when we all gave you our opinions you changed your mind and said you have an injury that would prohibit you from playing. You think you are an ultimate stud, but you are, in actuality, an ultimate piece of shit. How about you sack up and play tonight so we don’t have a hollow victory over your team?

Would Rather Play A Competitive Game Than Roll Your Team To Victory,

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