Dear semi-new consulting job,

I swore up and down for the past year that I wanted to get out of the stuffy finance industry, but you have recently sparked a little flame in my attitude. The past two weeks you have allowed me to think very critically AND use my superior analytical and quantitative skills in a way I have never imagined before. I especially love how my superiors are drooling over my creative spreadsheets with intense formulas and begging me not to leave for the advertising industry. In the short time I have worked for you I have already established myself as the go-to guy (even for the seniors, which has to be embarrassing for them) on the extremely difficult problem sets. My last job made me feel like I was doing math homework for 8 hours a day. You, however, allow me to take control of my own projects and make me feel like a real asset to the team.

Too bad there are no hipsters who work here and its still stuffy as hell,

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