Dear Summer,

My tan has faded, my bank account is overflowing, and I haven't had a drink in who knows how long. Instead of laying around in a bikini putting in barely enough effort to perspire, I'm strung out on Adderall nose-deep in research designs. I hate that we're not together.

Let's not make things harder and blame our split on summer school. That's neither here not there at this point. And truthfully, I don't even like summer school. I'm only involved with summer school out of obligation. If I had my choice, you would be it.

Anyway, I really miss you. I don't even know you anymore. I can't feel you're there. I can't connect with you. What happened to us?! I lie awake thinking about you at night, all the other people getting to enjoy you. It kills me to know you've been with others in my absence....probably in the pool, on the beach, in the ocean...(sigh)

Come know we're great together. Everyone says so.

I'm pleading with you, is there ANY WAY we can get what we had back? Maybe August is our month for steamy nights.

I'm breaking up with summer school next week. I'll be wide open. Call me.

Without You, My Skies Are Grey,

P.S. Say you miss me and my bikini too.

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