Dear Ted "like the bear" -as you said-

Yes, a 15 year age difference is a big deal, especially if you are not in fact a sexy congressman or businessman that could afford to win my affection. In fact, you are a 36 yr old man wearing a Hawaiian shirt, hanging out at a bar that targets mid-late 20 yr the bar is in the yuppy part of town..the girls there have expectations. Better luck at some dive bar in Maryland. Additionally, no you may not have some of our nachos..but feel free to buy me as many drinks as you want.

Sitting by yourself at a table bobbing your head to the music as you stare at my friend and I only ADDS to your patheticness.


PS- was the bill a little heavy? The waitress thought you were a weirdo and gave us the topshelf liquor for all the drinks you bought us

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