Dear Men Who Argue With The Women In Their Lives Even When It Is Clear To Everyone They Are Wrong,

Why is that you find it necessary to argue with a woman and try to make her feel less intellectual than you merely to feel better about yourself?! What gets me is that you stupid bastards always win. Here's why: because women are nicer than you. It's not that you have ever successfully convinced us we are wrong, we just politely decline to argue with you any further, making you *think* you have won. If you were having the same discussion with another man, you would probably say 'yeah dude, you're right' and laugh it off like the dumbass that you are. Instead, since you feel that women are the inferior sex (which is clearly true), though you (plain as day) are in the wrong, you are still right because you have a penis. Imbeciles.

Get over yourself. Women are very smart. Smarter than you. It's not our fault that we feel feelings like the human brain was designed to and you don't.


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